Among Familiar Shadows

Great storytelling is an art

And that's just what Bruce Coffin has given us in this book.

He has turned generations of ordinary life in a small Vermont town into a compelling narrative that, once you've begun reading, you can't put down.

Among Familiar Shadows is  an intimate evocation of the people who made the world he grew up in.

Traveling back through time and memory to stand among their familiar shadows, he shows us how they lived, how they talked, how they raised their children—and how they dealt with tragedy.


"This moving and beautifully written book deserves a wide audience.” —John Elder, author of Reading the Mountains of Home


"This is a New England elegy that will endure.” —Bill Henderson, Editor, Pushcart Prize


"What pure delight in story telling!” —Marcia Butler, author of The Skin Above My Knee

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